Quilt Sunday Morning

A laaaaaarge blanket for extra comfort!

Weight 2.1 Kg
Size 228 × 152 × 1 cm
Content Khadi cotton, natural dyeing, synth. Filling foam
Origin Sagar, Karnataka, Indien
The perfect blanket for balmy evenings in the living room. Not too warm and not too cold - and enough space for the whole family!

Charaka: Founded to protect the environment

Charaka was founded not only with the intention of protecting the surrounding nature from the ongoing destruction by monoculture, but also to revive the ancient traditional craft of weaving. From spinning the yarn to the finished dress, bag or blanket, Charaka covers the entire production chain with a consistently sustainable approach.


The non-profit organisation (NGO) directly employs over 200 people, most of them women. Every year, the entire profit is shared among the women employees. Many of the women employees have been with Charaka for years. The sustainable production, which is still unique in India, attracts young talents. However, the coveted jobs are rare and often filled quickly.

The fabric is 100% naturally dyed. The dyes have been developed individually over the years and are made from fruits, vegetables and flowers. Charaka purifies the waste water produced by the dyeing process in its own specially developed water purification system.

Note: For added comfort, a lightweight synthetic foam is sewn into the blanket.
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