Sustainable, natural and of the highest quality

100 % Plastic Free

Our crafts are completely free of plastic. We are successfully working with our manufacturers and producers on alternative solutions to make all components of their works plastic free.

Natural Materials

All our crafts are sourced from natural and organic material. We try to avoid all artificial means of production.

Fair Trade

All our partners and producers are Fair Trade certified and/or comply with Fair Trade guidelines or are non-profit organizations where the proceeds go entirely to the artists and craftsmen.


We believe in people and their talents. For this reason we prefer to select factories that are not only handmade but also have the smallest possible CO2 footprint.

Recycled and upcycled

Especially for packaging, tons of new cardboard and filler material is normally used. We believe that, especially for one-way use, there is no need for new things, if there is plenty of secondhand available. We only used recycled cardboard for packaging and paper sourced from elephant or camel poo.

Quality is paramount

A craft only makes sense if it is durable and of high quality. Regular visits to our producers, partners and artists are part of the concept and not only ensure long-term top quality, but also form a sustainable platform and network to actively promote development in the necessary areas.

Useful tools

You will not find any kind of decoration or useless nick-nacks in our catalog. We focus solely on useful tools and crafts with a purpose.

Social background

All our crafts have a positive social impact and commit a vital part in the sustainable economic development of a poorer region. All crafts have been made by people in need or which are differently-abled.